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6 tips to lose weight without being hungry!

6 tips to lose weight without being hungry!

To lose weight peacefully and durably, no question of starving! Here are our tips.

1: Flee the feeling of hunger

"Many people think that you have to restrict yourself to lose weight, but they create frustrations and therefore a risk of cracking. Long-term exposure to hunger carries the risk of long-term food addiction", warns Dr. Arnaud Cocaul, nutritionist. He reminds us that we must not go out of the table when we are hungry and we can also reduce our calorie intake by changing the size of our plates, eating in better conditions, etc.

2: Treat yourself to a snack if needed

"As part of a diet, it is important to continue to rely on the 3 traditional meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, but do not hesitate to add one or two snacks if you feel feeling hungry between two meals, to adapt according to your professional activity, your schedules, your energy expenses ... ", advises the nutritionist. Useful especially if more than 5 hours pass between 2 meals. For example if you get up very early in the morning, be careful not to choose a snack too fat, it is wiser to not exceed 200/300 calories max.

The good idea: a handful of almonds / dried fruits, a piece of bread with 2/3 squares of chocolate, a white cheese + a compote ... but no pastries or chocolate bars. And better to check the composition of cereal bars, because some are too rich.

3: Take a starter, a main course and a dessert!

"Beware of too light meals, a single dish is not enough to cause lasting satiety," warns the nutritionist. Each meal must contain a starter (crudités, soup, salad ... very rich in water, which already fill the stomach) + 1 dish + 1 fruit. "It takes volume, which will be brought in particular by raw vegetables, salad ... without having a meal too caloric," says Arnaud Cocaul.

4: Do not ban starchy foods

Always in order to promote the feeling of satiety and avoid cracking, there is no question of removing starchy foods: bread and cereals also provide a significant amount of fiber. They can be present at each meal but by monitoring the size of the portions.

5: Think of the natural appetite suppressant

We must also think about drinking (a big glass of water, an herbal tea ...) when you feel a little hollow or the desire to eat: it can help to relieve hunger by filling the stomach a little, but for a few minutes only, waiting for the next meal.

6: Fill up on fruits and vegetables

They stall thanks to their high fiber content, which is a key element for the feeling of satiety. All with a limited caloric addition. At least one portion of each must be included in the 2 main meals + 1 fruit (can also be a compote for example) at breakfast. "To benefit from their satiating effect, prefer whole fruits and vegetables rather than pureed soups, etc.," advises the nutritionist.

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