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Here are the TWELVE advices of


Famous Surgeon Cancer Professor in France and many others countries.

Author of several best-seller books.

International specialist in nutrition prevention of diseases of civilizations

From the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier in FRANCE




  1. Exercise regularly by sweating to eliminate pollution of pesticides, insecticides ...: at least twice 30 'per week. You will melt excess fat, lose weight and build muscle.
  2. Avoid excessive overweight: no more than 5 kg compared to your ideal weight. Do not follow any diet, but eat better and better and you will lose 1kg per month. See the book "Change Food - the BIO Asset".
  3. If you want to have children, the best is before age 30. AND if you have children, breastfeed at least 6 months according to the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Watch out for the "Parlodel" for cutting lactation. Breastfeeding is ideal for the health of the BB (no need for vaccinations during this time) and for the health of the breasts of the mother.

For men, be modern, attentive fathers, able to cook and clean ...

  1. If you want to smoke, keep one or two cigarettes a day, no more, AND avoid passive smoking.

The risks of cancer are in the respiratory tract, bladder, brain .., vascular disorders, heart, cerebral, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Cannabis and hard drugs, in addition to damage to the brain (schizophrenia, neuroses, psychoses, depressions ...), reduce immune defenses and can make the bed of very fast cancer evolution.

  1. Drink a total of 3 large bowls a day: morning tea herbal tea, thyme, rosemary, sage, mint ... and evening verbena, chamomile, linden, yarrow ... + 3 glasses of water at meal.

No coke, no soda, no nutella ... they bring in too much sugars, sources of fat (in the liver and under the skin), and never consume fake sugars and light products even if you are diabetic. One to 2 coffees no more per day, with a square of Omegachoco for your palate of flavors.

  1. Consume more vegetable calcium than animal, by choosing first the dairy products of small animals, goats and ewes (1 portion per day). No liquid or semi-liquid dairy products, they contain too much sugar in the form of lactose which you will make fat.

Chew to salivate and taste, you will treat your palate of flavors. Cow's milk products contain 3 times too much calcium and too many harmful growth factors for the human body.

  1. Increase the consumption of salads and other raw vegetables + 4 to 6 fresh fruits a day, if possible organic and seasonal, including a fresh fruit at each recess ... for school-aged children.

No compotes, they contain too much sugar and you do not chew them.

The best sugar is the fructose found in fresh fruits, but also in unheated honeys nearby (especially acacias and chestnuts that can be consumed by diabetics in small quantities).

Sprinkle your salad with organic extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. With OLIVIE PLUS 30X made by Atlas Olive Oils, you will have a powerful anti-oxidant concentrate made of polyphenols, 30 times more present than in regular olive oils.

  1. Eat dry fruits and nuts (nuts-nuts-almonds-pine nuts) and legumes cooked in the sweet steam of short duration, a few minutes to be al dente, so that the food is crunchy.

The legumes will be chewable, keep their tastes, their phytohormones and all their fibers, useful for your intestinal flora and clean colonists for waste disposal, thus avoiding constipation source of intestinal swelling and putrefaction.

  1. Eat fish and seafood 2 to 3 times a week to get iodine for your thyroid, omega 3s, minerals and trace elements to nourish your neurons.     

Make your neural connections and your neurons work by avoiding the many stupid shows on television, read, cultivate yourself, relax cleverly with your family.

  1. Avoid industrial or over-cooked dishes.

Eat ALL with a mild steam, let go of the microwaves, the pressure cooker, the fries ... which damage the nutritional qualities of the food.

  1. Consume less Gluten, because if you have any intolerance, it is responsible for intestinal porosity. It is present in breads, pizzas, pastas, pastries, cookies that behave like sugars.

Replace with loaves of flowers, seeds and buckwheat flour, millet, quinoa, chestnuts.

  1. Avoid maximum prolonged hormonal consumption, ideally less than 5 years for contraception and better not at all.

Make men take their responsibilities with the condom that is safe for anyone. No hormonal treatment at the menopause outside phytohormones on demand.

Source: Professor Henri JOYEUX