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 Video Games: Playing less than an hour a day would be beneficial for children

Playing video games on short daily periods would have a positive impact on children's development, according to a British study. But beyond three hours, the effect is reversed.

Playing video games for more than three hours a day would be bad for a child's development, but according to British researchers, spending less than an hour on a daily basis would be beneficial. In a study published by the journal Pediatrics, scientists at the University of Oxford explain having analyzed a cohort of nearly 5,000 young people aged 10 to 15 years. Of these volunteers, almost 75% said they played video games every day.

After quantifying the exact time each youth spent playing, the researchers evaluated a number of factors:

-Their satisfaction with their lives

-How they get along with their peers

-The fact of being able to help a person in difficulty or not

-Their levels of hyperactivity and lack of attention

A common language

The responses were combined to assess the psychological and social adjustment levels of these children and adolescents, while comparing them to those who do not play video games at all. The results suggest that youth who spend less than one hour a day playing are more satisfied with their lives and show higher levels of positive social interaction.

These players also had fewer emotional problems and lower levels of hyperactivity than others. Those who play more than three hours, on the contrary, seem to be the least well adapted, according to the study. "Video games can give children a common language, and those who are not part of this conversation risk being left out of the group," said Dr. Andrew Przybylski, principal author of the study, at the BBC News site.. It also states that factors such as the strength of family relationships play a more important role than video games in the satisfaction rate of life.

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