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Olivie Health News: Vitamins and other supplements would be useless!

Olivie Health News:

Vitamins and other supplements would be useless!

 Did you take your vitamins this morning? No? Do not worry about that. Because these substances would have no use for the body, according to researchers at John Hopkins University (United States). Their study published in Annals of Internal Medicine reveals that, at best, they lead to a waste of money, at worst a danger to health. These vitamin and mineral supplements are often presented as a way to prevent the onset of winter diseases.

Vitamins A, C or D ... with winter and fatigue, boxes of dietary supplements invade medicine cabinets. Yet their consumption would not improve health, according to a study by US researchers.

But for researchers, their use is not justified to avoid a cold or flu and should even be avoided. Well nourished, Western populations would indeed have no benefit to withdraw. Worse, some vitamins too much, such as vitamin E and vitamin A, could increase the risk of death in some cases. "Our diet is completely adapted to meet our needs in vitamins and minerals," says the study.

Focus on fruits and vegetables

To come to this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the results of three scientific studies that concerned 450000 people, 6000 elderly people and 1700 people suffering from heart problems respectively. In each of these studies, some participants had to take vitamins and others had only a placebo. The analyzes yielded the same results: vitamins have no benefit on mortality, cognitive decline and heart problems.

For researchers, the arrival of winter and fatigue can clash naturally. A diet rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables and extra virgin olive oil and low in animal fat, combined with regular physical activity is much more profitable. The researchers do not say, however, whether this conclusion applies to frail people such as women in early pregnancy, the elderly, children and those with severe deficiencies.

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