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Olivie Tips: 3 natural products approved to lose weight!

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3 natural products approved to lose weight!

"Appetite suppressant", "fat-burning", draining, etc ... Many natural products are full of health benefits and are dedicated to weight loss!

Here are 3 not to be missed!

Green tea, natural fat-burning

Of Chinese origin, green tea is known since antiquity. It is part of the "fat-burning" foods. This general public name, which most often characterizes plants containing caffeine, refers to an increase in the lipolysis degradation of certain fats and the thermogenic heat production of the body.

The apple, an ultimate healthy food

The apple is the ultimate healthy food. It is better eaten when the apples are organic certified. Its pectins are known to regulate the intestinal transit but they are also used in food supplements, as "Appetite suppressant".

How do pectins work?

The appetite suppressant activity of the apple is related to its pectin content, vegetable fiber. Once ingested, these fibers are able to absorb large amounts of water to form a viscous gel. This gel increases the volume of the food bolus chewed (mixed with saliva). It then reduces the activity of digestive enzymes, and therefore it reduces the feeling of hunger.

How to consume the apple to promote weight loss?

For optimal efficiency, pectin intake should be done before meals and drinking plenty of water.

Olive oil, satiety guaranteed!

Olive oil may help to increase the feeling of fullness and counter the tendency to snack between meals. This is what American and Italian researchers recently published in a study.

Oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid whose olive oil is particularly rich, would trigger the satiety signals in the body, which contributes to eating less, indicate their results.

According to the authors of the study, an appropriate intake of oleic acid could help increase the time interval between meals, and thus, it is useful in the fight against excess weight.

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