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Snoring during pregnancy would double the risk of Caesarean

Snoring during pregnancy would double the risk of Caesarean

What if your snoring could affect your baby's health? In any case, this is what scientists at the University of Michigan (USA) claim. To reach this conclusion, they studied the cases of 1673 pregnant women. Of the volunteers, 35% reported snoring frequently during pregnancy.

The researchers then studied their lifestyles, analyzed their snoring and compared the whole with the reports of deliveries. They discovered that snoring before and during pregnancy increases the risk of having a low weight baby by 65% ​​and doubles the risk of delivering by caesarean section.

Snoring could affect the placenta but also reveal important breathing problems in the mother such as high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia.

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Source: Snoring during Pregnancy and Delivery Outcomes: A Cohort Study, Journal Sleep, October 2013