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OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream
OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream
OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream
OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream
OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream
OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream
OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream

OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream

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One of the best organic face cream products, take advantage of organic skin care.

OLIVIE BEAUTY: certified organic brightening face cream. The naturally high concentration of polyphenols that makes skin age younger.

Illuminate beauty with the most natural powerful antioxidant

OLIVIE BEAUTY is an organic brightening face cream for night use, with a naturally high concentration of polyphenols having an exceptional antioxidant power. Very rich in actives, it also has the following properties: 
• Whitening and dark spot corrector (2% arbutin)
• Glare of the dye (water of hamamélis and water of hélichryse) 
• Antioxidant (extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols, water of hélichryse)
• Nourishing (olive oil, apricot and butters shea tree oils)
• Soothing (bisabolol and squalane vegetable resulting from olive) 
• Moisturizing (xylitol derivative)
Also contains a mineral sunscreen

Organic is good

OLIVIE BEAUTY is an ecological and biological cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife. It contains no paraben, no conservatives of synthesis, no hydroquinone, no sulphites, no EDTA because the natural substances contained in OLIVIE BEAUTY already have an anti-microbic, conservative, lightening, antioxidant and bactericide action.

OLIVIE BEAUTY is even better

• 100% natural
• The only brightening and whitening cream available in Morocco which is certified organic by Ecocert
• Excellent spots correction. Arbutin based, natural plant, whitening and brightening, it has no skin toxicity compared to hydroquinone which is deemed aggressive to the skin (forbidden in some countries)
• Based on natural polyphenols (antioxidants) of olive (hydroxtytyrosol) which acts gently on the skin melanin and ensures its protection
• Made in France, in a reputable laboratory at the forefront of technology and which complies with European standards
• Needed three years of research and development conducted by a multidisciplinary team (the olive producer, a Doctor, a BioTechnologist and a consultant). Many clinical tests have been realized on OLIVIE BEAUTY to ensure its high quality
• Hygienic airless tube for proper prolonged use

OLIVIE is the natural, efficient and ultimate ANSWER TO CELL OXIDATION. The OLIVIE Line is the only functional food that is extremely rich in olive polyphenols with high antioxidants strength and good fatty acids. Its exceptional and exclusive polyphenols concentration (in particular, the hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol) is due to the special conditions under which the olive trees are grown and harvested. Poor water and rocky desert force the plants to produce a very high concentration of antioxidants in order to stay alive. With its natural active ingredients, OLIVIE is today the true innovative product that is able to fight the exceeding free radicals so it can restore the natural balance of the body.

INGREDIENTS: Organic certified facecream with the following composition: 

Cetiol organic, Cosbiol (phytosqualane), Massocare GMS (Cuntina GMS V), DUB 810 C (cetiol LC), organic extra virgin olive oil, Abricot kernel virgin oil, Sunflower desodorized oil, Organic shea butter, unipure white LC981, Biophilic H "PCR negative", organic glycerine, Organic Hydrolat helycrisium, sterilizing filtration, Organic Hydrolat hamamelis sterilizing filtration, Osmosed water, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Bioxan SF T50, Rhodicare S, Dub Mug, Aquaxyl, Arbutine, Dermorganics 1388, Sol 50% citric acid, Phylcare Bisabolol, Senteur Lys Blanc Natco 0723596.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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    Soothing and moisturizing the skin

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    Nourishing and Revitalizing
    effects on your skin

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    Reduces the appearances of dark spots

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    Excellent for damaged, sensitive
    and irritated skin

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