OLIVIE HEALTH Products The ultimate product feed for Facebook - part of the Pixel Perfect app by wyred-up https://oliviehealth.us shopify_501783494710OLIVIE ANTI-AGE Our vegetable capsules, OLIVIE ANTI-AGE, benefit from EFSA’s (European Food Safety Agency) confirmed health allegations regarding the positive antioxidant effects included in the olive tree polyphenols. They are made from organic certified olive trees. The polyphenols inside OLIVIE ANTI-AGE (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein...) are known to be very powerful antioxidants, as they are one of the dietary supplements most often touted as a natural anti-aging product. Supporters suggest that increasing your intake of antioxidants may help slow the aging process (by increasing the mitochondria biogenesis) and prevent a number of aging-related diseases (including diseases related to high-blood pressure). The OLIVIE ANTI-AGE capsules, are 100% natural, and contain all the great benefits of the olive tree.INGREDIENTS: Organic certified olive tree powder (Olea Europae L.: olives, baby leafs and leafs) in vegetal capsules.https://oliviehealth.us/products/olivie-force-anti-agehttps://oliviehealth.us/cdn/shop/files/Olivie-Anti-Age-01_grande.jpg?v=1718617827Olivie Health new 501783494710in stockFood, Beverages & TobaccoCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is emptyCertified Organic EVOOCertified Organic EVOO 42.70USD shopify_500176093238OLIVIE BABY/KIDS OLIVIE BABY/KIDS is an extra virgin olive oil specially adapted for babies and kids. It has a very low acidity level (0,1-0,2 degrees) when bottled, and a fruity and mild taste, made with your children in mind.Developed to adapt to the young palates, Olivie Baby/Kids has a high content of fatty acids, essential to meet the nutritional needs of infants and children. For these reasons, it is recommended to babies, from 2 months and up, and children of all ages.OLIVIE BABY/KIDS is the only pure nutritional supplement, 100% natural, which allows better growth of your children and improves their bone development, while also strengthening their immune system.The linoleic and linolenic fatty acid ratios present in this olive oil is equivalent to that present in the maternal milk (during the breastfeeding period). The linoleic acid (LA-Omega 6) and linolenic acid (ALA- Omega 3) are essential fatty acids that are very important to a balanced nutrition of infants and children. These two fatty acids maintain a proper balance in the metabolism and constitute a major source of energy during the early years of life. They are present naturally in the breast milk but in smaller amounts in baby formula (baby bottle milk).INGREDIENTS: Organic certified extra virgin olive oil.https://oliviehealth.us/products/olivie-baby-kidshttps://oliviehealth.us/cdn/shop/files/Olivie-baby-01_grande.jpg?v=1718618980Olivie Health new 500176093238in stockFood, Beverages & TobaccoCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 19.80USD shopify_534265069622OLIVIE BEAUTY - organic certified brightening face cream One of the best organic face cream products, take advantage of organic skin care.OLIVIE BEAUTY: certified organic brightening face cream. The naturally high concentration of polyphenols that makes skin age younger.Illuminate beauty with the most natural powerful antioxidantOLIVIE BEAUTY is an organic brightening face cream for night use, with a naturally high concentration of polyphenols having an exceptional antioxidant power. Very rich in actives, it also has the following properties: • Whitening and dark spot corrector (2% arbutin)• Glare of the dye (water of hamamélis and water of hélichryse) • Antioxidant (extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols, water of hélichryse)• Nourishing (olive oil, apricot and butters shea tree oils)• Soothing (bisabolol and squalane vegetable resulting from olive) • Moisturizing (xylitol derivative)Also contains a mineral sunscreenOrganic is goodOLIVIE BEAUTY is an ecological and biological cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife. It contains no paraben, no conservatives of synthesis, no hydroquinone, no sulphites, no EDTA because the natural substances contained in OLIVIE BEAUTY already have an anti-microbic, conservative, lightening, antioxidant and bactericide action.OLIVIE BEAUTY is even better• 100% natural• The only brightening and whitening cream available in Morocco which is certified organic by Ecocert• Excellent spots correction. Arbutin based, natural plant, whitening and brightening, it has no skin toxicity compared to hydroquinone which is deemed aggressive to the skin (forbidden in some countries)• Based on natural polyphenols (antioxidants) of olive (hydroxtytyrosol) which acts gently on the skin melanin and ensures its protection• Made in France, in a reputable laboratory at the forefront of technology and which complies with European standards• Needed three years of research and development conducted by a multidisciplinary team (the olive producer, a Doctor, a BioTechnologist and a consultant). Many clinical tests have been realized on OLIVIE BEAUTY to ensure its high quality• Hygienic airless tube for proper prolonged useOLIVIE is the natural, efficient and ultimate ANSWER TO CELL OXIDATION. The OLIVIE Line is the only functional food that is extremely rich in olive polyphenols with high antioxidants strength and good fatty acids. Its exceptional and exclusive polyphenols concentration (in particular, the hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol) is due to the special conditions under which the olive trees are grown and harvested. Poor water and rocky desert force the plants to produce a very high concentration of antioxidants in order to stay alive. With its natural active ingredients, OLIVIE is today the true innovative product that is able to fight the exceeding free radicals so it can restore the natural balance of the body.INGREDIENTS: Organic certified facecream with the following composition: Cetiol organic, Cosbiol (phytosqualane), Massocare GMS (Cuntina GMS V), DUB 810 C (cetiol LC), organic extra virgin olive oil, Abricot kernel virgin oil, Sunflower desodorized oil, Organic shea butter, unipure white LC981, Biophilic H "PCR negative", organic glycerine, Organic Hydrolat helycrisium, sterilizing filtration, Organic Hydrolat hamamelis sterilizing filtration, Osmosed water, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Bioxan SF T50, Rhodicare S, Dub Mug, Aquaxyl, Arbutine, Dermorganics 1388, Sol 50% citric acid, Phylcare Bisabolol, Senteur Lys Blanc Natco 0723596.https://oliviehealth.us/products/olivie-beautyhttps://oliviehealth.us/cdn/shop/files/Olivie-Beauty-01_grande.jpg?v=1718619454Olivie Health new 534265069622in stockFood, Beverages & TobaccoCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 28.00USD shopify_501775958070OLIVIE DERMAPSORIA - Fight Psorasis and Eczema NATURALLY! The OLIVIE DERMAPSORIA’s polyphenols, (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein...) known to be powerful antioxidants, have the ability to reduce skin inflammation, and they’re also very effective in clearing psoriasis.The OLIVIE DERMAPSORIA capsules, are 100% natural, and possess all the great benefits of the olive tree. See some facts about our DERMAPSORIA capsules below:  The concentration of their main antioxidant hydroxytyrosol (> 40’000 mg/kg) is 5500 times greater than the one found on the regular olive oil (7mg/kg)!Relieves skin inflammations.Reduces hyperpigmentation without any side effect.It has an unrivaled richness in hydroxytyrosol, an antioxidant exceptionally bioavailable and easily absorbed by the body.The world highest ORAC value ever achieved: 3672 mmol TE/kg, the best way to neutralize harmful free radicals *nearly 200 times greater than curcuma!.Olive tree polyphenols like the ones existing in OLIVIE DERMAPSORIA are known to be excellent for healing skin inflammations like psoriasis and eczema.  INGREDIENTS: Organic certified olive tree powder (Olea Europae L.: olives, baby leafs and leafs) in vegetal capsules.https://oliviehealth.us/products/olivie-dermapsoriahttps://oliviehealth.us/cdn/shop/files/Olivie-derma-01_grande.jpg?v=1718634641Olivie Health new 501775958070in stockFood, Beverages & TobaccoCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 65.40USD shopify_501785755702OLIVIE PLUS 30x - Thirty times more polyphenols & health benefits! OLIVIE PLUS 30x is so rich in polyphenols, especially in hydroxytyrosol the most potent of all antioxidants. it is an organic certified olive oil recommended by many highly reputed Medical Doctors! A SUPER FOOD - the richest olive oil in terms of polyphenols (30 times more antioxidants hydroxytyrosol compared to any regular extra virgin olive oil). This is a worldwide innovation. For diabetes, this unique oil is capable to lower by 30% the sugar rate after just 2 weeks of intake ! Travel into our Family Farm through these amazing videos in the Morocco Desert and understand this unique natural phenomenon: The laboratory analysis of OLIVIE PLUS 30x extra virgin olive oil showed it is naturally richer in polyphenols with a total of around 1200 mg/Kg. Particularly in Hydroxytyrosol, the most potent of all polyphenols, it has a concentration of around 233 mg/kg (compared to 7 mg/Kg for a regular olive oil on average), and also in Tyrosol, with a richness of around 161 mg/kg.The story behind our products is unique:  We produce the OLIVIE products from suffering olive trees in a rocky desert. Because of high temperatures (up to 126°F in summer), a lot of rocks in the soil making the trees not able to grow their roots to look for nutrients, nearly no rain throughout the year, our olive trees stress and think they will die. This survival mode triggers a self-defense mechanism through which they produce abnormally high quantity of antioxidants. We think these polyphenols, born because of this harsh environment, are more active, more potent and this is the main reason why we obtained excellent results (illustrated by the clinical studies we made) for anti-inflammation, anti-pain, anti-diabetic effect, and anti-microbial.INGREDIENTS: Organic certified extra virgin olive oil very high in polyphenols.https://oliviehealth.us/products/olivie-plus-30xhttps://oliviehealth.us/cdn/shop/files/Olivie-plus-30x-01_grande.jpg?v=1718635493Olivie Health new 501785755702in stockFood, Beverages & TobaccoCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 28.00USD shopify_501787885622OLIVIE POWER UP - Rare Healthy Pearls... One of the best immune boosting foods, a natural immune booster, in fact: the right immune system booster!A teaspoon contains as much antioxidants hydroxytyrosol as 10 liters of regular olive oil.Desert olive tree pearls, intensified power.OLIVIE PowerUp are pearls coming from olive trees planted in the middle of a desert. These olive tree pearls are mixed with an olive oil obtained by fresh, cold pressed olives. They are rich in antioxidants and are indicated to reinforce the immune system, improve the skin by scrubbing these pearls on the body and the face, as well as for your daily diet.Please see our video: Why the pearls of OLIVIE POWERUP boost our immune system?This is because the antioxidants they contain act as a shield on our body cells. OLIVIE POWERUP has a high content of antioxidants that will help increase the body's defense system. These antioxidants can neutralize and prevent free radicals from damaging your body.Why the pearls of OLIVIE POWERUP are so rich in antioxidants?That’s simply because the oil comes from olive trees planted in a rocky desert. Just like the wine and its grape vines, it is well known that the olive tree needs to suffer in order to produce the best oil. Considering the very hot environment - up to 53°C (127°F) in summer, the rocky soil where roots cannot develop easily, the lack of water, the olive trees end up suffering from stress. A panic phenomenon occurs in the trees (instinct of survival), which results in a raised production of polyphenols (antioxidant) and hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol (self-defense), more importantly.INGREDIENTS: Organic certified Desert Olive Tree Pearls made out of: olive tree baby leafs, olive tree leafs, olive fruit, olive oil.https://oliviehealth.us/products/olivie-power-uphttps://oliviehealth.us/cdn/shop/files/Olivie-PowerUp-01_grande.jpg?v=1718636047Olivie Health new 501787885622in stockFood, Beverages & TobaccoCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 25.00USD shopify_501787099190OLIVIE RICH/FORCE: 6 times clinically tested!!! 6 TIMES CLINICALLY TESTED: diabetes, cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, anti-bacterialThe OLIVIE RICH/FORCE brings capsules extracted from the desert’s olive trees, rich in powerful polyphenols, gathering the benefits of the olive leafs, the olive oil and the olive fruit itself.Its polyphenols are concentrated in a capsule with high antioxidant power that helps delay the aging of body cells, protects your heart by reducing LDL (“bad” cholesterol) oxidation, brakes cells’ degeneration caused by free radicals, also preventing oxidative stress, reducing myocardial heart risks and increasing vasodilatation. OLIVIE RICH/FORCE is naturally obtained from the olive tree leaves, the olive tree baby leaves, the olive fruits and the olive oil by physical extraction without any additives or solvent use. This compound is a rich and natural aggregate of phenol components (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein, flavonoids, caffein acid, and cinnamic acid) having powerful antioxidant properties that protect, defend, sooth, strengthen, fortify, energize and balance. OLIVIE RICH/FORCE comes from organic certified olive trees planted in a rocky desert of North Africa. It is also clinically tested for diabetics. Please see the comment of Doctor CURTAY, Pioneer in Nutri Therapy and member of the New York Academy of Sciences: INGREDIENTS: Organic certified olive tree powder (Olea Europae L.: olives, baby leafs and leafs) in vegetal capsules.https://oliviehealth.us/products/olivie-rich-forcehttps://oliviehealth.us/cdn/shop/files/Olivie-Force-01_grande.jpg?v=1718635066Olivie Health new 501787099190in stockFood, Beverages & TobaccoCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 24.99USD shopify_8015066005817OLIVIE SMILE - Natural teeth whitening from desert olive trees OLIVIE Smile is a natural and easy way to brighten your smile! OLIVIE SMILE’S ACTION ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER Olivie Activated Charcoal Powder is a natural and easy way to brighten your smile! Simply apply to your toothbrush and brush it on your teeth, like using toothpaste. Just a little bit goes a long way, as fine grains of activated charcoal absorb and clean tooth stains, polishing your teeth to a lovely white. CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING Improving your oral hygiene is a snap with activated charcoal. Not only does using it on teeth remove tough surface stains from enamel, its absorbent qualities reduce bad breath and impurities, and whitens your smile. NATURAL TEETH WHITENING Chemical and fluoride free, enjoy the natural benefits of activated charcoal without worry. Just put it on your toothbrush. You can even mix it into your toothpaste! Our activated charcoal powder is a clean, safe, and natural way to whiten teeth. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER WHITENS TEETH > Eliminates stains from coffee, tea, wine, or other food. POLISHES TEETH > Brightens your smile without damaging the enamel. ORAL HEALTH > Prevents cavities by improving the pH balance of your mouth. FRESHNES BREATH > Eliminates bad-breath. FOR SENSITIVE TEETH AND GUMS 100% ORGANIC NO CHEMICALS NO FLUORIDE https://oliviehealth.us/products/olivie-smile-natural-teeth-whitening-from-desert-olive-treeshttps://oliviehealth.us/cdn/shop/files/Olivie-smile-01_grande.jpg?v=1718637098Olivie Health new 8015066005817in stockFood, Beverages & TobaccoCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 8.00USD