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Beauty tips

Beauty tips

"It has been said that beauty is a promise of happiness. Conversely the possibility of pleasure can be a beginning of beauty."

From Marcel Proust, French author

Illuminate your beauty with 5 beauty secrets!

1- Take care of yourself by eating balanced and varied. Take orange juice or vitamin C so that your skin keeps its brightness and youth. And especially try to sleep well. The stress and the lack of sleep only tarnish your face ... And of course do not forget to drink a lot as hydration is essential for a glowing skin!

2- A beautiful skin is certainly airy! Enjoy the great outdoors as soon as you can while playing sports or strolling on a beautiful morning's weekend...

3- Clean: A radiant skin is above all a clean skin! Do not forget to remove your makeup once home with adapted products of course choose organic products ... We advise you to remove makeup in three simple actions!

* Remove your eyes by gently passing a soaked cotton wool on the eyelid and then on the eyelashes, from the root to the tip, without rubbing, changing cotton for each eye. For a festive makeup, let the cotton for a few seconds on the eyelid to dissolve the blush.

* Make up your face with your cleansing milk. To do this, heat the milk in the hands. Lay them flat on the face. Then remove them sharply, as if the skin is hot. Renew the gesture 5 to 6 times. The makeup remover thickens and produces a suction effect who sucks makeup and impurities. Rinse or wipe.

*To wipe the face without distending the tissues, press a tissue all over your face like a blotter.

  1. Nourish: Nourish your skin preferably at night because our body recovers and our skin regenerates. You can use OLIVIE BEAUTY to nourish your skin and make it radiant.
  2. Once a week, think about exfoliating your skin with a natural scrub made from honey and almond powder for radiant skin all week long!

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