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Diabetes: how to protect your heart?

Diabetes: how to protect your heart?

Where do these complications come from?

Diabetes accelerates the formation of fat deposits (atheromatous plaque) on the inner walls of the arteries. Over time, these plaques tend to harden, becoming fibrous and calcifying (atherosclerosis). They can break or form clots (thrombosis) that eventually clog the arteries.

Result: the latter no longer irrigate the heart properly.

How to prevent heart complications ?

Several measures help prevent cardiovascular complications related to diabetes. The first: the balance of diabetes - to avoid peaks in blood sugar. This includes dietary monitoring (eating fruits and vegetables every day, reducing saturated fat intake), regular physical activity, and sometimes taking normoglycemic drugs.

Other rules to follow: stop smoking, monitor your blood pressure (below 13/8) and control your cholesterol level (the bad cholesterol (LDL) level must be lower than 1.30 or 1 g / l according to your level of cardiovascular risk).

How to use OLIVIE when you have HEART RISK and ANEURYSM RISK?

Using OLIVIE FORCE/RICH capsules:

6 capsules a day as-follows: 2 capsules after breakfast, 2 capsules after lunch, and

2 capsules after dinner for 30 days. Can be renewed.

Using OLIVIE PLUS 30X: 2 tablespoons a day. Can also be mixed with fruit juice or soaked in bread if the 

you think the oil is bitter.

Taking an olive oil rich in hydroxytyrosol antioxidants is a recommendation from EFSA - European Food Safety Agency – to better protect your heart!   

Why are OLIVIE products proven to reduce HEART RISK and ANEURYSM RISK? *  

Belgian Medical Doctor Werner Alex Faché found that a daily intake of reduced the levels of oxidized LDL and Lp-PLA2.
Lp-PLA2 is an independent calcium serine lipase associated with LDL bad cholesterol.

Lp-PLA2 is produced by macrophages and others inflammatory cells and is expressed at a high level in atherosclerotic lesions.
It is an excellent independent indicator of the progression of atherosclerotic disease in humans, including coronary heart disease and stroke, as it promotes the oxidation of lipoproteins and certain fatty acids.

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