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OLIVIE ACTU health: A protein that causes arthritis!

OLIVIE ACTU health: A protein that causes arthritis!

A Danish study has highlighted the key role of a protein in the development of inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis or psoriasis.

For people with chronic inflammations, this discovery could change their lives. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, have just shown that a protein can promote the inflammatory state by disrupting the process of healthy cells.

During an infection, our body seeks to neutralize the pathogen. This response of immune cells results in inflammation. But the immune system can sometimes overreact. The inflammation then turns into a chronic disease such as arthritis, which affects the joints, or psoriasis, a skin disease.

Next step: the treatment

By studying the blood cells of 50 healthy donors, scientists have been able to determine the key role of a protein in this process. "By analyzing blood cells, we have observed the presence of a particular protein called TL1A that causes healthy cells to behave like those seen in chronic inflammation," said Dr. Kirsten Reichwald. Copenhagen Medical University at DailyScience. "We are not far from removing the mystery of inflammation," she added.

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