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OLIVIE BABY / KIDS TIPS: "Playing with your baby is important for baby but also for mom and dad."

OLIVIE BABY / KIDS TIPS: "Playing with your baby is important for baby but also for mom and dad."

It is clear that it is not necessary to be a genius of fun to distract Baby. Nothing more simple, finally. Just present him with any object to make him wonder. But even if nature is responsible for awakening the five senses of your child, it does not prevent you from contributing too.

Development factor

Playing with Baby allows him to learn about shapes, colors and develop a sense of touch.

It is important to put objects or photos close to Baby that he will be able to see when he is alone in his bed. All that is bright is useful but it will avoid any source of direct or diffuse light during the night.

These games will teach you to understand what Baby likes to do and what he hates, the colors that amuse him and those he rejects, the materials that attract him and those that are indifferent to him. Baby, then, will learn to become aware of his body and things around him. Talk to him during his games and watch his reactions to the sound of your voice. If your intonations change, baby's behavior too.

Around 3 months, you can begin to develop the olfactory sense by depositing a drop of toilet water on a teddy bear. Baby will recognize this smell and will enjoy teddy bear against his cheek. However, be careful not to put too strong perfume that could, just like us, make baby grumpy because embarrassed by the smell too intense.

Each child develops their senses at their own pace and it is important to adapt to their own pace. There is no need to force a child to play a specific game, Baby must be able to choose what he likes and his parents must accept this choice and be available to play with Baby. If you do not want to play with Baby, do not force yourself either, there is no point in doing things against your will. Because everyone will be stressed after.

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