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Olive oil and skin

Olive oil and skin

In humans, the aging process causes a progressive structural and functional deterioration of the skin.

The thinning of the dermis and epidermis, the loss of elastic fibers, the flattening of the dermal-epidermal union, fibrosis with accumulation of collagen, the loss of defensive and restorative capacities of the skin are some of the main changes that affect the skin tissue.

External factors, such as solar radiation, produce an acceleration of aging through the generation of free radicals. Even if the cells are equipped with defense mechanisms, it is possible to reduce cell damage by using inhibitors. As such, olive oil is a natural inhibitor because its lipid profile is very similar to that of the skin of humans.

Olive oil contains a significant proportion of polyphenols and vitamin E, main sources of protection against free radicals that cause cell oxidation, as well as vitamins A, D and K. In this regard, the oil Olive is a good ally of specific therapies in dermatological processes such as acne, psoriasis and seborrheic eczema especially as its components mainly hydroxytyrosol prevents cellular aging of the skin.

Likewise, it is thought that due to its high antioxidative capacity, olive oil could play an important role in the prevention of the continuous oxidation process, one of the processes that influence the development of certain types. skin cancers. Vitamin E studies have been started, but this type of observation requires time and no conclusive data are available yet. However, the theory indicates that oleic acid plays an important role in curbing continuous oxidation.

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