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OLIVIE TIPS: Our best tips for getting your baby to sleep right now ^^!*


Our best tips for getting your baby to sleep right now ^^!*

1 / Avoid eye contact

The last thing you can do before bedtime is to excite your baby. A prolonged or animated eye contact with you is one of the most stimulating things for your little love. So, look away when you want your baby to sleep.

2 / A good bath before sleeping

The warm water, combined with loving caresses with a washcloth, you can relax your baby immediately. Give up toys and pamper your baby during bathing.

3 / Sleep with your baby.

Whether you are for or against co-sleeping, studies show that children who sleep with their parents grow up with less anxiety and better self-esteem. To sleep safely, place a co-sleeper or cradle next to your bed. (The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that you do not actually share a bed with your baby.)

4 / The bottle of the evening

If your baby wakes up at night often hungry, a bottle before sleeping could help. Invented by Robert Bucknam, MD, in On Becoming Babywise, the term dreamfeed refers to a late-night diet. Rather than waiting for the baby to wake up hungry, it's good to feed your baby before going to bed. Some believe that supplemental feeding fills her belly just enough to gain a little more uninterrupted sleep.

5 / An empty baby bed

Keep the sleeping surface free of everything. Extra blankets and stuffed animals can be dangerous, increasing the chances of choking or choking. A sheet is all you need on his mattress.

6 / Natural fragrance for more than 6 months

Some small noses can cradle with the scent of one or two drops of natural lavender oil on a cloth near the bed. Although lavender essential oils and others are known for their relaxation and anti-anxiety benefits, fragrances are not recommended for children under 6 months of age. So, for those who are too young as well as those with sensitive skin or noses, give up the scented fabric and try an unscented detergent to wash the sheets and thereby reduce the discomfort.

7 / Magic caresses ^^

When your baby is in bed at bedtime, try to put your hand gently on his stomach, arms and head that will comfort and soothe him to sleep like a prince all night long.

8 / it's time to sleep!

A baby who is too tired is often nervous and can not sleep, so he cries and does not stop the stress of many parents. Setting a specific time to put your baby to bed is important, and many experts estimate that 18: 30-19 hours is an appropriate bedtime for most babies under 1 year old. "Take into account your work schedule and your little one's need to spend time with you," says Nancy M. Silva, a member of the Academy of Pediatrics and Certified Pediatrician in Brandon, Florida. bed does not necessarily mean getting up early, but sleeping a good night often results in a later awakening.

9 / The best pajamas!

Sometimes babies develop sensitivity to synthetic tissues, which can interfere with sleep. Try natural fibers, like cotton, to avoid irritation.

10 / Natural light ...

To help your little one understand when it's bedtime, keep the room dark. Give up the night lights and use dark curtains to simulate the night during the day. When it's time to wake up, in the morning or after a nap, open the curtains and let the light in to help understand the difference.

11 / baby says: "I want a good massage please after I sleep"

Babies and young children love massage, 15 minutes of bedtime massage, they fall asleep faster than those who just read a story, according to studies conducted at the University of Miami Research Institute Touch. So bring out a specially adapted baby oil (we recommend OLIVIE BABY KIDS) and gently pass your hands down the body with gentle movements and moderate pressure.

12 / A good nap for good growth

Aside from the obvious benefits of napping (you have time to take a shower, check your e-mail, return phone calls), naps are also important for your baby's mental and physical growth. Do not miss naps in the hope that your baby will sleep longer at night because the opposite is usually true.

13 / Super absorbent nights sleep

Diapers wet during the night can be very annoying. and cause diaper rash. Always take super-absorbent night diapers, with an application of a change cream for protection of the skin or an oil (OLIVIE BABY KIDS prevents and treats the diaper rash in cutaneous application for 3 days and more if necessary).

14 / Caress your baby as much as you want!

As if you needed another reason to fill it with cuddles and kisses: "When you stroke your little angel before bedtime, he will feel safe and loved, allowing him to sleep more deeply and longer Silva said.

OLIVIE BABY / KIDS can perfectly help your baby and child to grow well and grow healthy! It is an extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols naturally, to mix with milk or soup for the good development of the brain, the good bone growth, and for the prevention of colics and many diseases such as infantile cholesterol and even cutaneous application to treat diaper rash or during a good massage.

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