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OLIVIE BEAUTY TIPS: Our tips to illuminate your beauty in 15 minutes!


Our tips to illuminate your beauty in 15 minutes!

There are those who never spend more than 15 minutes in their bathroom. And those who benefit as soon as they have a little time to agree a beauty break. A quarter of an hour or more, discover how to achieve a “coup de brilliance”.

  • You give yourself a quarter of an hour ...

These well-chosen gestures will give brightness to your skin and your eyes.

3 minutes to clean your face gently

Micellar water, oil or milk, find the product that suits you best to remove all the impurities of the day. Then spray fresh water (rose water or other) without forgetting to wipe your face by light pressure, without rubbing.

2 minutes to look after your eyes

Indispensable because it is the eyes that betray fatigue. Apply cucumber juice or rose water or even your favorite eye contour treatment with gentle patches to stimulate microcirculation. Little trick: store this care or rose water in the refrigerator the day before. Fresh look guaranteed!

3 minutes to apply your day cream

Perform a quick small massage going up from the bottom to the top of the face. Not to mention your cleavage. OLIVIE BEAUTY is the cream you need that will nourish, soothe, brighten, moisturize and protect your skin naturally for a guaranteed radiance.

Do you like makeup? Here are our tips for sublime light makeup!

2 minutes to pat your concealer

No foundation? No problem! On the other hand no question of stopping the concealer. It erases the traces of fatigue that are read under the eyes and has no equal to enlarge and sparkle the eyes. You choose a shade lighter than the color of your face (and therefore your foundation when you put it on). With the tip of your finger, lightly tap the underside of the inner corner eye to the outer corner of the eye.

1 minute to ensure you look is good

With the essential touch of blush. Smile and apply it on the cheekbones.

1 minute to put your mascara

Opt for a three-in-one product that densifies, lengthens and curls eyelashes. Two applications are needed to enlarge the look.

2 minutes to pat your lips

You like fleshy lips, just apply lip balm and gently massage by patting your lips! Then apply the color of your choice the pink, coral and beige are beautiful colors that illuminates your natural beauty.

1 minute to scent you

Even if in winter we love strong perfumes, scents with flowery scents help us to keep smiling while feeling pleasantly in our skin.

The trick of the day forever (^ _ ^):

Your smile makes you more beautiful!

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