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OLIVIE HEALTH NEWS: How the voice can reveal Parkinson?!


How the voice can reveal Parkinson?!

Cold, tiredness, sadness ... Through the voice, we can guess a lot about the state of health of a person. Today, specialists are developing a tool that can detect Parkinson's disease early from the voice.

Our voice is the oralisation of our state. Whether one is happy or sad, she can not hide anything. Several studies have shown that each disease has a voice signature. Christophe Haag, research scientist in Lyon, is currently working on the development of a tool that "will identify markers of the disease (Parkinson's, ed) at an early stage, so we can diagnose patients and take them in charge very early, "he explains to France Info. Indeed, a person with this disease has a loss of synchronization in the muscles of breathing and voice. The voice becomes less clear and less modulated.

We can imagine that we will soon be able to detect other diseases such as Alzheimer's, from the voice. Another nice step forward!

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