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OLIVIE TIPS: Boost the capacity of your brain Naturally!


Boost the capacity of your brain Naturally!

The brain has unlimited abilities! And we are very far from exploiting them at 100%. Here are some tips to daily adopt to boost your brainpower and have a more powerful brain with the advice of Jean-Marie Delecroix, a french naturopath.

*** First of all, take a deep breath!

Oxygen is one of the two fuels of our brain (with food). This is why it is important to breathe well to optimize its operation. It may seem simple and obvious, but a lot of everyday things like stress, anguish or anger can disrupt breathing and thus lower the oxygen concentration in our body.

In practice: Avoid pollution. A small stroll along the sea will, for example, do the best for your brain. Moreover, "when you are stressed, it is strongly advised to breath well," You will then be in a better condition to have a clear mind and a consistent judgment.

*** 7h of sleep, not less!

Essential to the body, sleep regenerates the brain. Sleep improves concentration, listening (first phase of assimilation of information), and helps to have a better memory. We must not neglect this crucial phase of sleep!

In practice: "The sleep cycle necessary for the brain is different for each individual," explains Jean-Marie Delecroix. However, in general, try to keep a regular sleep pattern and try to not go below 7h per night.

*** Do not deprive yourself of sugar, on the contrary!

Sugar is a vital fuel for the brain. It uses 60% of the glucose present in our body. You can not do without it! The trick is not to eat it in any form. Explanations: Depending on the carbohydrates ingested, more or less raises the level of blood glucose in the blood. This is called the glycemic index. By favoring too high glycemic index foods (French fries, honey, refined white sugar), a constant rise in blood sugar is encouraged. This can be harmful for the brain and the cardiovascular system. To protect your brain, you need to opt for foods with low glycemic index.

In practice: Eating raw fruit every day, drink apple juice, pears .... In addition, it is better to eat sugars at the end of the meal and with fiber to lower the glycemic index.

*** Do not go to the routine!

It is often believed that young people remember more easily than their elders or that over time our brain abilities soften. "It's totally wrong. We must not say we are old! Says Jean-Marie Delecroix.

In practice: Do not indulge in cerebral idleness. "It's important to have a life plan," says the naturopath. "Indeed, when you are young, you are full of ambitions and career plans. In retirement it's the same thing! »Plan to take a trip, get active (hiking, swimming), take classes of what you are passionate about, keep working or even go back to school!

Note: It has never been scientifically proven that daily mental exercises such as sudokus and crosswords prevent our brain abilities from regressing.

*** Consume the good fats

Half of our brain is made up of fats. For a performing brain, you have to consume enough. The problem is that we find everything in our food. Good fats (omega 3, omega 6), and bad ones (saturated, trans fats).

In practice:

- We reduce foods high in saturated fats: pastries, butter, cheese, meat, dairy products, sausages.

- We ban those rich in trans fat: dairy products, beef, lamb, pastry, industrial biscuits, fried products. These fatty acids destroy memory and damage brain cells.

- We favor foods rich in unsaturated fats such as mackerel, salmon, herring, tuna, seeds, and OLIVIE PLUS 30X extra virgin olive oil that will reinforce your immune system with its powerful antioxidants.


Note: "We must not seek to balance the different types of fatty acids because today we are too invaded by the" saturated "", regrets Jean-Marie Delecroix.

If you already follow our food tips, your brain will be better!

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