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Special return: The anti-aging beauty ritual!

Special return: The anti-aging beauty ritual!

Nothing can stop the time, but you do not have to resort to extreme plastic surgery to ward off its effects. It turns out that every day, simple habits can have a big impact: a radiant face that reflects all his health.

Boston-based dermatologist Jeffrey Dover says, "Make sure no delay of 12 hours passes without doing something positive for your skin."

Less stress. Easier to say than we do, we know it, but stress not only affects your mental health - it affects your face. A 2004 study by the University of California at San Francisco found that chronic stress affects your body at the cellular level, deteriorating speed. So, do yoga or try deep breathing exercises, and at least an hour before bed, press the "off" switch on everything there is one. Your skin will thank you.

Never skip cleaning your face before you doze off. "This is the time for the skin to regenerate."


Use a cream with natural benefits: OLIVIE BEAUTY is an organic certified cream that can only satisfy you naturally! it contains shea butter, witch hazel water, arbutin and especially the antioxidants of the olive oil and all that to nourish, moisturize, brighten, soothe and protect your skin.*

Enjoy a radiant skin!

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Exfoliate your skin but do not overdo it. The scrub removes dead skin cells, smoothes fine lines and improves the texture of the skin. But studies have shown that the FDA's excessive use of chemical exfoliators, such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that are found in glycolic or lactic acid, increases sensitivity to UV rays. Limit chemical exfoliants to twice a week. For manual exfoliation, try a gentle scrub microbead.

Nourish your face. Good skin care starts from the inside. Healthy Eating: Omega-3, Fatty Acids Found in Salmon and Nuts, Olive Oil Fights Wrinkles, Citrus and Spinach Increase Collagen Production for Skin Elasticity, and Lycopene , present in pink tomatoes and grapefruits, protects against sun damage. What to avoid? Sugar. Increased levels in the blood cause a process called glycation - one of the leading causes of cellular aging (and wrinkles).

Use sunscreen and antioxidants. Applying sunscreen is as essential as brushing your teeth. This can protect you from skin cancer, "however, the SPF is not enough. Recent studies have shown that topical antioxidants, gold medalists for anti-aging, help improve the effectiveness of sunscreen. You can apply OLIVIE BEAUTY which is a cream rich in antioxidants it also contains a mineral sunscreen but to increase your protection it is better to put the OLIVIE BEAUTY cream as a base and the screen of your choice. And do not forget to eat foods rich in antioxidants such as extra virgin olive oil, green tea, fruits such as berries, blueberries, and pomegranate. (And yes, you can eat to your heart's content, and even apply them locally as a nourishing mask for the skin.)

Wear sunglasses, choose a pair with 99 percent UVA and UVB for less fine lines and crow's feet caused by the sun.

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