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The polyphenols and omega 3 real treasures health!!

The polyphenols and omega 3 real treasures health!!

The work of Dr. Jean-Marie Bourre, a member of the French Academy of Medicine, speaks volumes about the essential role played by omega-3s on health. Commonly referred to as "the discoverer of the effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids on the brain," Dr.Bourre's research demonstrates the importance of integrating omega-3s into his daily diet.

As reported in Le Devoir newspaper on April 9, 2005, Dr. Bourre says that a diet that is deficient in essential fatty acids could have a negative impact on brain development and consequently on its functioning. Multiple scientific and clinical studies have shown that omega-3 deficiency may have a more specific influence on infant development. Dr.Bourre advises pregnant or breastfeeding women to increase their daily intake of omega-3s.

This article also highlights the fact that many studies have demonstrated the importance of omega-3s on cardiovascular health. Olive oil is a natural source of omega 3 and polyphenols. The beneficial effects of these are numerous: reduction of triglycerides in the blood, decrease of the phenomenon of inflammation, improvement of the flexibility of the arteries thus making it possible to lower the arterial tension.

In addition, recent research on cancer prevention by Dr. Richard Béliveau (co-author of the book "Foods against cancer", Trécarré editions), demonstrate the importance of integrating omega-3 into his diet daily. Studies show that hydroxytyrosol, a very potent polyphenol found in olive oil, has a role in preventing cancer by reducing the possibility of cancer cells developing, preventing the formation of new blood vessels necessary for their growth. Omega-3s would also be beneficial in cancer treatment cases, by promoting the efficacy of drugs and chemotherapy.

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