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The right actions to take care of my face!

The right actions to take care of my face!

Peach skin, radiant, fresh complexion ... You have a dream for your face? To keep it fresh, discover all our tips for taking care of your face in a clever way!*

*** The right actions to take care of my face

Once the miracle product is found, it is still necessary to adopt the right gesture to extract maximum efficiency and ... pleasure. Because of course, taking care of oneself must above all give us a feeling of well-being, essential to our beauty!

Healthy skin: remove makeup

Even if the skin is not painted, the face is constantly exposed to pollution and dust ... By removing these impurities, you can "work" on a perfectly clean base. Use a milk if you have dry skin, a foam if it is rather fat, then massage with the fingertips, in circular motions.

Healthy skin: think of the lotion

Once the skin is well rinsed, dry it to prevent dehydration. Then use a lotion (or floral water). It makes it possible to prepare the face for the next treatment, to eliminate the last impurities and to avoid the irritating effect of limestone on the epidermis.

Healthy skin: Erase

The product removes dead cells and massage stimulates microcirculation. Choose an enzymatic scrub, whose gentle assets "nibble" impurities, if you have dry skin, or a grain formula if your skin is a little thick.

Healthy skin: purify

To open and clean the pores, make a facial sauna. In a bowl of hot water, pour three drops of essential oils (lavender and tangerine for normal skin, chamomile and pink if dry, lemon and eucalyptus if it is oily). Protect the eye area with a little moisturizer. Leave your face 30 cm from the water for three minutes.

All about the facial sauna!

100% natural, the facial sauna is "the" care to thoroughly cleanse and purify the face. Because it unclogs the skin and allows it to breathe better. Manual.

The steps of the facial sauna

Heat 2 liters of water (until boiling).

Put the hot water in a large salad bowl and dilute ten (maximum) drops of essential oil *. Lemon if the skin is oily, lavender if it is mixed, chamomile if it is dry or sensitive.

Infuse for 5 minutes.

Place your face over the salad bowl and cover your head with a thick towel to form a tent around the salad bowl.

Enjoy this steam bath 10-15 minutes.

Then discard any black spots and impurities using a tissue paper. The skin is ready for a mask or a care (moisturizing, nourishing ...).

Perform this treatment once a week for oily or combination skin. Twice a month for dry or sensitive skin.

* You can replace the essential oil with plants (mint, thyme, rose, linden, lavender ...).

To look younger and less tired, no need to abuse foundation and concealer. What counts above all is to display a supple and luminous skin!

Of course, we are not all equal in the quality of the skin texture: some have dry skin that scratches, others a greasy skin that shines even though it is -10 degrees, still others have to fight against the persistence of small buttons ... But we do not give up because sometimes it is enough just to adopt the right gestures and good products to transform his face in no time! Our favorite product is OLIVIE BEAUTY a 100% certified organic cream that moisturizes, nourishes, soothes, brighten and illuminates the complexion naturally! The beauty trick: Put it on a cleansed and cleansed skin preferably in the evening when the skin regenerates ... In the early morning just a smile to radiate your face.

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