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Tobacco, fine particles, exhaust fumes, …etc. Our lungs and our hearts are not the only ones to toast pollution. Our skin also takes a hit. If you can not protect yourself completely, you learn the right things to clean your skin and limit the damages.

Other anti-pollution weapons: UV is a form of pollution, free radicals, which should not be neglected. Care incorporating sun protection, some BB cream for example, are welcome. The ideal is to apply a sunscreen (at least SPF30) over your day cream as soon as you expose yourself to the sun (to renew after few hour).

Arming your skin against pollution also involves cleaning the interior. We bring the right nutrients to our skin and hydrate it from the inside, which guarantees a healthy and beautiful skin. We drink enough and we eat a balanced diet by choosing colorful fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants.

Hydration Mission

The skin is protected against pollution with care rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. Cosmetics enriched with vitamins A, C or E associated with lipids will strengthen the skin barrier and help fight against free radicals, which damage and age the skin faster.

On the organic side, certain antioxidant active ingredients are recommended to promote the natural process of detoxifying the skin: cocoa extract, blue immortelle extract, spirulina extract, green tea extract, ginger essential oil.

Pollution imbalances the functioning of the skin

We would be nine out of ten city dwellers in the world breathing polluted air, according to WHO. Outside or at home, our body is often asphyxiated by invisible enemies: carbon monoxide, tobacco, fine particles, formaldehyde, etc. All these unwanted pollutants stick like leeches on our cell membranes.

Without knowing it, these microscopic attacks attack the functioning of the skin. Daily aggression that prevents the epidermis from properly fulfilling its role of almost impermeable barrier function. Dirty, the stratum corneum retains less water and the skin dehydrates. Drier, it pulls, becomes more sensitive and ages faster. Redness may occur due to increased dilation of the blood vessels.

Operation "scrubbing"

Essential basic gesture, skin cleansing is even more justified in our polluted environment, whether you wear makeup or not. You can not imagine everything that the skin harvests like dirt and dust of all kinds in one day! A simple cotton on the face is authentic: the mixture of sebum and polluting particles leaves traces little glamorous.

Getting rid of skin impurities morning and evening is not luxury. One chooses a cleansing care adapted to its type of skin.

If possible, products containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are avoided. This surfactant, which is hidden in many shower gels and shampoos is appreciated by industry for its foaming side. The problem is that it is aggressive and irritating to the skin. "Sodium lauryl sulfate denatures proteins in cell membranes and promotes the penetration of polluting molecules",

Instead, we opt for a surfactant better tolerated by the skin (derived from sugar, coconut for example) and used in organic cosmetics.

- If you have oily skin, we propose you to turn to a cleansing gel (without sodium lauryl sulfate). After drying his face, we spray on a cotton a little floral water (astringent pink for example) that passes on the face. This flower extract obtained by distillation will neutralize the drying effects of limestone, refresh and soothe our skin.

- Normal or dry skin is better with milk or micellar water. Again, we perfect the cleansing with floral water (orange blossom for dry skin, chamomile if it is sensitive) that will evacuate the detergent molecules.

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