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Among the makeup trends: The fall-winter make-up trend !

Among the makeup trends: The fall-winter make-up trend !

The trend this year will be light and sophisticated. Smoky eyes ultra black, multicolored liner, graphic kohl pencil, pastel eye shadow, two-tone mouth, pop or 100% black: accentuate your eyes or your mouth, it will choose!

Side complexion, place in total nude look. Hair level, the braid remains the queen of parades, followed closely by the bun and the bob ...

No make-up, new makeup trend

Celebrated by fashion designers for many years, no make-up has become a must. So much so that it has entered our daily lives, guided by the desire to reveal our true beauty. The idea of ​​a more respectful makeup, which would be good for the skin, has become essential.

Many creams exist but now you have to distinguish between natural and chemical!

OLIVIE BEAUTY is distinguished by its 100% natural composition that makes it a perfect complexion enhancer with moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, lightening and anti-redness!


These new gestures of beauty, almost ritual, offer a new vision of makeup. It must do us good, make us more beautiful, naturally ... and quickly!

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