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OLIVIE PLUS 30X: New unexpected treasure of olive oil!


New unexpected treasure of olive oil!

It could prevent and fight the infections caused by Helicobacter pylori which are responsible each year for tens of thousands of cases of stomach ulcers, gastritis and sometimes even cancers.

Good for the heart but also for the stomach, olive oil! According to a Spanish study (1), the antioxidant compounds contained in olive oil are effective against several strains of H. pylori present in the stomach wall. Incorporating extra virgin olive oil into its culinary preparations may be enough to protect the body against this bacteria.

The properties of olive oil would be due to a class of antioxidants called phenolic compounds. The virtues of medical phenols phenols have been known for several years and have been studied in products such as red wine or green tea that contain large quantities. However, no study has gauged the antibacterial properties of olive oil, one of the few plant extracts to contain a lot.

To evaluate the action of olive oil researchers have recreated in the laboratory a similar environment inside the stomach. They found that the phenolic compounds it contained remained stable for several hours, despite the simulated acidity. On the other hand, they observed a strong antibacterial effect on eight strains of H. pylori, including three of them resistant to antibiotics.

  1. pylori lives exclusively in the human stomach and is the only known organism that can survive in such an acid environment. It has a helicoidal shape (hence the name "Helicobacter") and can be screwed into the stomach wall to colonize it. Many ulcers are caused by H. pylori infections, even though most infected humans never develop such symptoms.

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